Cosmopolitan, innovative with Bavarian charm!

That's exactly what our distillers have with our new Premium MALT Whisky proven again. By using the best ingredients and loving craftsmanship, we open with the SLYRS PAINT Whisky a new era.

Our young, dynamic team of distillers has spent a lot of time creating this very special Whisky to complete to perfection. The passion for the craft and the aging in new barrels made of American white oak SLYRS-DNA in the form of vanilla, malt and caramel aromas to their best advantage.

From August 13.08.2021th, XNUMX is ours SLYRS PAINT Whisky available exclusively in our online shop and in our shop. Due to our sales change, the start of sales for national trade and gastronomy is unfortunately only possible from February 2022. You are welcome to send dealer inquiries in advance to send.