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SLYRS presents the Organic Single Malt Whisky

The SLYRS Bavarian Whisky Distillery presents its first organicWhisky! The particularly meticulous and gentle production on site, the exclusive use of recycled glass, as well as the use of local GMUND Bio Cycle paper, the best local grain and pure mountain spring water underline the authenticity and sustainability of this unique product Whiskys. Every sip of the SLYRS Organic single malt Whisky does not reflect […]

German Whisky Awards: SLYRS as “Best Whisky Distillery 2024” nominated

The SLYRS Bavarian Whisky Distillery is in the “Best Whisky Distillery 2024” for the coveted German Whisky Award 2024 nominated. This prestigious nomination is a recognition of the commitment of SLYRS for quality, craftsmanship and innovation in the Whiskymanufacturing. The German Whisky Award recognizes the outstanding achievements of distilleries in Germany. The nomination of […]

O'zapft is! The SLYRS Oktoberfest competition

Our SLYRS Oktoberfest Edition is the perfect companion for a cozy Oktoberfest day. Whether at the Oktoberfest, at home or out and about with friends - the SLYRS Oktoberfest Edition goes wonderfully with the original Bavarian snack and fresh Oktoberfest beer and thus ensures atmospheric moments of enjoyment. That's why we're giving away among ours SLYRS Fans two exclusive SLYRS Oktoberfest enjoyment packages. The […]

SLYRS wins award as a German Whisky of the year 2023 and wins five times gold

The SLYRS Bavarian Whisky Distillery lives up to its reputation once again Whisky-Pioneer and won the German award at this year's Meininger's International Spirits Award Whisky of the year 2023 and a total of five times gold! We proudly present our winners at the Meiningers International Spirits Award 2023! With a total of 5 times gold, both our finish […]

New sales orientation in the SLYRS Bavarian Whisky Distillery

(from left to right: Nick Binderer, Rüdiger Biehl, Thomas Dahlem and Hans Kemenater) PRESS RELEASE SLYRS WHISKY DISTILLERIE Schliersee, October 2021 - 22 years after the birth of the Bavarian Whiskys in the Lantenhammer distillery SLYRS new ways. After the first distillation in 1999, things happened in quick succession: in 2002, the first 1600 bottles were sold within three […]


Schliersee April 2021 - Two extraordinary pleasure manufacturers, based in the Bavarian Oberland, combine the passion for their craft and the highest quality in this unique SLYRS Bairis Coffee Liqueur. The combination of mild, fruity-fresh cold brew coffee from the Dinzler coffee roasting company and the SLYRS Whisky, gently rounded off with the finest macerates of caramel and vanilla pods ensure an incomparable […]