SLYRS Mountain Edition – the bavarian Highlander

Mountains on the doorstep gave us an idea!


SLYRS whisky that breathes the mountain air of the Upper Bavarian Alps, where it ages to perfection. In 2014, SLYRS founding shareholder Anton Stetter put this scheme into practice with managing director and master distiller Hans Kemenater. They used the ski lift to carry around 50 specially selected whisky casks up 1,501 metres to the top of Mount Stümpfling. This is the location of the unique SLYRS mountain storehouse, where SLYRS Mountain Edition aged to perfection for five long years.


SLYRS Mountain Edition & limited Stümpfling Mountain Edition


“On 1 May, we brought the Mountain Edition down from the mountain and celebrated its commercial launch at the SLYRS Experience Centre in Neuhaus, with the Bavarian highlander appearing in two guises.”


Firstly at a strength of 45% ABV in a premium panorama box. And secondly as the “Stümpfling” special edition, 50.1% ABV, for an authentic alpine feel, lavishly adorned with genuine stone and limited to 1,501 bottles – one bottle per metre of altitude. But the two versions have one thing in common: an extraordinarily clear, intense taste profile with exceptional flavour, which uniquely reflects the special characteristics of the mountain storehouse.

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