From 25 May: The first SLYRS Aged 12 Years distilled in Neuhaus

Think about the last twelve years. How many stories can you remember? During this lengthy period, our twelve-year-old was allowed to rest undisturbed in the SLYRS cask house. To age. To mature. And to develop its powerful, full-bodied and complex flavour in precious oak casks. Take time for this exceptional whisky.

It has earned it. The new SLYRS Aged 12 Years is the first of our 12-year-olds that was distilled at the SLYRS distillery in Neuhaus built in 2007. The typical SLYRS whisky distillate combines harmoniously with the wonderful cask aromas. 12 years of cask-ageing guarantee an intense maturing process and a full flavour that is second to none.


“The new edition of SLYRS Aged 12 Years will be appearing at our “SLYRS samma Fest” on 25 May 2019 and will also be available online.”


Come by, join our celebrations, and enjoy the new whisky right where it was made!