Whisky Dinner deluxe

Finally the time has come! Time for the exclusive SLYRS Whisky-Dinner DELUXE

We invite you to our exclusive Whisky-Dinner DELUXE on May 20, 2022 in our SLYRS Coffee & Lunchery. Leave our SLYRS Ambassador and Whisky-lover Kilian Jonscher will guide you through the evening and find out everything about ours SLYRS Whisky. Enjoys the combination of high quality SLYRS Creations and perfectly coordinated dishes from our exclusive SLYRS-Cookbook.

SLYRS Ambassador and Whiskylover Kilian Jonscher will guide you through the evening in a charming way and inform you about everything to do with the Whisky Production. From the classic single malt Whisky up to the various Whisky Liqueurs you will be initiated into the secrets of the variety of tastes of the noble distillates. You will be spoiled with a 5-course menu, inspired by our exclusive SLYRS-Cookbook.

5 courses DELUXE Whiskymenu included Whiskytasting & water

1. course Goat cheese • Sauerkraut • Strawberries – Whisky: BAVARIAN RYE
2. course Cream of asparagus soup • green asparagus • parsley oil – Whisky: MADEIRA CASK FINISH
3. course Cod • Bacon • Sweet Potato • Frisee • Peanut – Whisky: MOUNTAIN EDITION ROTWAND
4. course Fillet of beef • kohlrabi • beetroot • black truffle – Whisky-Drink: BEETROOT FEELINGS
5. course cream cheese • white chocolate • olive oil • strawberry – Whisky-Drink: SLYRS-TIKI

Inspired by our exclusive SLYRS-Cookbook

Date: 20st May 2022
€149,90 per person (incl. cookbook)
€129,90 per person (without cookbook)
Admission: 17:30 p.m. | Start: 18:00 p.m

Being quick is worth it!
Our Whisky-Dinner is limited to a maximum of 35 people.
Participation only possible with reservation.
Reservations at: coffee@slyrs. De or 08026 / 9228920.
We look forward to seeing you.