Schliersee April 2021 - Two extraordinary pleasure manufacturers, based in the Bavarian Oberland, combine the passion for their craft and the highest quality in this unique SLYRS Bairis Coffee Liqueur.

The combination of mild, fruity-fresh cold brew coffee from the Dinzler coffee roasting company and the SLYRS Whisky, carefully rounded off with the finest macerates of caramel and vanilla pods ensure an incomparable taste.

product specifics

A milestone in the regional pleasure cooperation!

The components for this unique liqueur form our SLYRS Single Malt Whisky Classic, which matured for 3-6 years in new American white oak barrels and the Dinzler Cold Brew extraction from the Ethiopian mocha "Sidamo".

The Ethiopian Arabica bean "Sidamo" stands out due to its great variety of flavors and complexity. Due to the long extraction time, more aromatic substances are dissolved than with conventional filter coffee, but up to 70% less acid and bitter substances. As a result, the finest fruit and chocolate notes come into their own, with a low caffeine content.