SLYRS Mountain Edition - Distilled in the valley, matured on the mountain

SLYRS Mountain Edition presents the SLYRS Distillery their annual Whisky- A treasure that breathes the purest Bavarian mountain air at an altitude of 1501m on the Stümpfling mountain and matures there to perfection. The Bavarian Highland appears on May 1st Whisky in two different robes with 45,0% vol. and 50,0% vol. To coincide with the start of the Mountain Edition, there will be a hearty morning pint on May 1st with white sausage breakfast, fish on a stick and live music in the SLYRS Coffee & Lunchery.

Mountains on the doorstep, an idea in mind

"Highlands Whisky? We can do that too!” they thought SLYRS Master Distiller Hans Kemenater and his team of distillers. In 2014, they put this project into practice for the first time. With the help of the Alpenbahnen Spitzingsee and a ski lift, they transported around 50 specially selected people Whiskybarrels at an altitude of 1501 meters, on the top of the Stümpfling mountain. There is the unique SLYRS high camp. the SLYRS Mountain Edition matures in it for 5 years until its completion.

A Whisky – two robes

The annual Mountain Edition appears in two different variants: One with 45,0% vol. in an elegant panorama box. And as a special bottling "Rotwand", 50,0% vol. strong. Each year, the special edition is dedicated to one of the peaks from the surrounding mountain region. In 2022 the namesake is the Croda Rossa. For that authentic alpine feeling with elaborately processed real stone labels and limited to 1884 bottles - 1 bottle per meter of altitude.

Morning pint with a panorama of the Wendelstein

To start the two Whiskys to celebrate properly, there is on May 1st in our SLYRS Caffee & Lunchery a hearty morning pint with white sausage breakfast, fish on a stick and live music. The band "Spezlwirtschaft" will ensure the best atmosphere from 10 a.m. Come by and get the new one SLYRS Mountain Edition and celebrate with us on the sun terrace of the SLYRS Coffee & Lunchery.