SLYRS Mountain Edition - the new Bavarian Highlander

Schliersee, April 2021 - With the SLYRS Mountain Edition presents the SLYRS Distillery their annual Whisky- A treasure that breathes the purest Bavarian mountain air at an altitude of 1501m on the Stümpfling mountain and matures there to perfection. The Bavarian Highland appears on May 1st Whisky in two different robes with 45% vol. and 50,6% vol. 

Mountains on the doorstep, an idea in mind

"Highlands Whisky? We can do that too!” they thought SLYRS Founding partner Anton Stetter and managing director Hans Kemenater. In 2014, they put this plan into action. With the help of the Alpenbahnen Spitzingsee and a ski lift, they transported around 50 specially selected people Whiskybarrels at an altitude of 1501 meters, on the top of the Stümpfling mountain. There is the unique SLYRS high camp. the SLYRS Mountain Edition matured in it for 5 years until its completion.

taste the mountain air

"The SLYRS High Camp is an absolutely exceptional camp location. Surrounded by the purest Bavarian mountain air and with its very own microclimate,” says Managing Director Hans Kemenater. There are extreme temperature fluctuations between summer and winter, sometimes up to 60 degrees. They influence the maturing process and thus also the taste of the new Mountain Edition. The result is “a very powerful single malt Whisky. It captures the rough mountain climate and reflects it in a clear, intense taste and special flavor - a real Bavarian Highlander."

A Whisky – two robes

The annual Mountain Edition appears in two different versions: One with 45% vol. in an elegant panorama box. And as a special bottling "Brecherspitz", 50,6% vol. strong. The special edition always refers to one of the mountains in the vicinity. In 2021, the namesake is the Brecherspitz. For the authentic alpine feeling with elaborately processed real stone labels and limited to 1683 bottles - 1 bottle per meter of altitude.