SLYRS in “Tip Top Form” according to Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible

SLYRS Jim Murrays Whisky Bible

FIZZZ Highlights 2020 Top Newcomer of the Year In March 2020 our SLYRS Bavarian RYE whisky (41% vol. 0.7l) was first released and has already made big waves. In this year’s choice among the top newcomer spirits in the FIZZZ beverage magazine, our SLYRS Bavarian RYE whisky was voted in the second place by trend-setting […]

SLYRS Mountain Edition – the bavarian Highlander

Slyrs Whisky Mountain Edition

Mountains on the doorstep gave us an idea!   SLYRS whisky that breathes the mountain air of the Upper Bavarian Alps, where it ages to perfection. In 2014, SLYRS founding shareholder Anton Stetter put this scheme into practice with managing director and master distiller Hans Kemenater. They used the ski lift to carry around 50 […]

From 25 May: The first SLYRS Aged 12 Years distilled in Neuhaus

Slyrs Whisky Aged 12 Years Premium

Think about the last twelve years. How many stories can you remember? During this lengthy period, our twelve-year-old was allowed to rest undisturbed in the SLYRS cask house. To age. To mature. And to develop its powerful, full-bodied and complex flavour in precious oak casks. Take time for this exceptional whisky. It has earned it. […]