Moments of a special kind!


Moments of a special kind!

An extraordinary culinary highlight
expects you on
Saturday the 23rd April 2022

Our exclusive ladiesWhisky-Dinner in our SLYRS Coffee & Lunchery.

SLYRS Ambassador and Whiskylover Kilian Jonscher leads charmingly through the evening and the ladies learn everything about the Whisky production, from the classic Whisky up to the various Whisky Liqueurs, and are initiated into the secrets of the variety of flavors of the noble distillates.

You will be spoiled with culinary delights with a 3-course menu with colorful asparagus salad, corn-fed chicken breast, alternatively a vegetarian version with potato gnocci and, for dessert, a chocolate lava cake with two kinds of strawberries. There is a suitable one for every course Whisky Liqueur served.

Enjoy a wonderful evening with nice guests in the cozy ambience of the SLYRS Lunchery. Of course, your husbands are also very welcome! Our Kilian is happy about any male support.

Price per person: € 54,90