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Award at the Bavarian Environment + Climate Pact!

Award at the Environment + Climate Pact Bavaria by Thorsten Glauber, Bavarian State Minister for the Environment and Consumer Protection Our environmental and climate pact services Energy saving: Use of waste heat from the distillery for heating purposes. Regularly informing employees about energy savings in the company. Use of LED lamps in at least 95% of the lamps. Use of daylight (e.g. prisms, fiber optic cables, light domes). Motion detector […]

Black Friday was yesterday – SLYRS Green Friday

Black Friday was yesterday – SLYRS Green Friday We Whisky-Pioneers from Upper Bavaria are real persuasion burners. And that has to be the case, because the passion with which we practice our craft is a prerequisite for the highest quality. Passion burns in each of us, inspired by the breathtaking nature of Bavaria SLYRS one of the best Whiskys the […]

Bar Convent Berlin 2023: Hans Kemenater in an interview with

Hans Kemenater in an interview

The Bar Convent Berlin was once again a highlight of the trade fair year. Best opportunity for the team to discuss current topics with our Master Distiller Hans Kemenater. In addition to the development since the start of our own sales, the importance of the BCB as a trade fair for SLYRS Distillery and the new distillery building next year […]

SLYRS Presents: SLYRS Single Malt Whisky AGED 18 YEARS

They write on November 11, 2023 Whisky-Pioneers from Upper Bavaria History. With the ceremonial unveiling of the first 18 years of age SLYRS Single Malt WhiskyMaster Distiller Hans Kemenater and his team are setting the next German milestone Whisky Story. After gentle distillation in 2005, this unique one was allowed to brew Whisky a full 18 years in barrels made from […]

Markus Schneider strengthens the sales team Whisky-Pioneers from Upper Bavaria

From October 1, 2023, Markus Schneider will be the new Key Account Manager SLYRS Bavarian Whisky Distillery. In his role, he will report to Rüdiger Biehl, Head of National Sales. Rüdiger Biehl: “With his many years of experience in spirits as well as comprehensive consumer knowledge and strong customer focus, he will be a great reinforcement for this SLYRS Sales team.” Many years of experience in […]

O'zapft is! The SLYRS Oktoberfest competition

Our SLYRS Oktoberfest Edition is the perfect companion for a cozy Oktoberfest day. Whether at the Oktoberfest, at home or out and about with friends - the SLYRS Oktoberfest Edition goes wonderfully with the original Bavarian snack and fresh Oktoberfest beer and thus ensures atmospheric moments of enjoyment. That's why we're giving away among ours SLYRS Fans two exclusive SLYRS Oktoberfest enjoyment packages. The […]

SLYRS wins award as a German Whisky of the year 2023 and wins five times gold

The SLYRS Bavarian Whisky Distillery lives up to its reputation once again Whisky-Pioneer and won the German award at this year's Meininger's International Spirits Award Whisky of the year 2023 and a total of five times gold! We proudly present our winners at the Meiningers International Spirits Award 2023! With a total of 5 times gold, both our finish […]

New sales orientation in the SLYRS Bavarian Whisky Distillery

(from left to right: Nick Binderer, Rüdiger Biehl, Thomas Dahlem and Hans Kemenater) PRESS RELEASE SLYRS WHISKY DISTILLERIE Schliersee, October 2021 - 22 years after the birth of the Bavarian Whiskys in the Lantenhammer distillery SLYRS new ways. After the first distillation in 1999, things happened in quick succession: in 2002, the first 1600 bottles were sold within three […]